Introducing Istribute – A Video Hosting Platform

Introducing Istribute – A Video Hosting Platform

With great satisfaction, we are proud to announce the immediate availability of our video-on-demand platform: Istribute.


Why did we build Istribute?
In 2007 we set out to create a video service for handling webcasts and videos. During the development of this video service, we encountered a huge amount of technical obstacles that made creating a smooth video experience for a large audience very difficult. All of the obstacles we found could be overcome but doing so required a disproportionate amount of developer effort. For that reason we decided to solve these obstacles and provide the resulting product as a web service in the form of Istribute.

What is Istribute?
Istribute provides you with the shortest possible path between a video file and a published video that can easily be integrated into your favorite CMS using readily available plugins or software development kits (SDKs). Alternatively, you can simply use the Istribute website to publish videos even faster. Istribute will handle the encoding, storage, bandwidth, and browser and device versatility for you, seamlessly.

How have we built Istribute?
We’ve built a high end, distributed and scalable cluster in some of Europe’s most modern data centers – located in Norway. On these clusters, we’ve installed proven technologies such as Barracuda firewalls and VMware virtualization software to create a scalable and secure hosting cloud. Using the perfect combination of tried-and-tested technologies we’ve created a web service that will handle any amount of users and video streaming as we grow.

We’re very proud of this product and we truly hope that you’ll love it!

Istribute: Video, Done Right