We are not just a video hosting platform.
We are not just a tech company.
We are creators, innovators, and builders dedicated to revolutionizing the way you work with video on the web.

Istribute’s mission is to provide the easiest way for anyone to host and deliver video on the web. From bloggers, to design agencies, who are creating rich web content, to developers and companies who are looking to build the next generation of user experiences, Istribute provides elegant solutions that set new standards for the hosting video online.

In 2003, a small team of engineers and designers in Norway set out to build the world’s easiest video hosting and delivery platform.

It all began with an observation — developing video on the web is so time consuming and so complex that even software companies are abandoning it. So one day it dawned on them: why does it have to be so difficult? What if they created a straight forward, no fuss approach, that enabled other developers and users, to distribute video and solve their video headaches?

That’s where Istribute comes in. We’ve created the easiest way to host and deliver video on the web — challenging assumptions that privatized video hosting has to be time consuming, problematic and expensive — and redesigned it for a world on the go.

We know that video is here to stay. And while we can’t get away from it, we can change how we interact with it. We can do Video, Done Right.